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By Miss Shine Design, Apr 11 2014 04:10AM

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I would make an Easter Bunny Bunting for my two little ones, and of course share it with you!

I have created an Easter Bunny Bunting template that you can personalise with your own wording, print, trim and assemble. It looks really fun hanging in your child’s room.

Tools Needed:

• Latest version of Adobe Reader, you can download this software below:


• Printer

• White card stock paper

• Scissors

• Craft knife

• Ruler

• Ribbon or string

• Blu-Tack or double sided tape to hang (optional)

Step 1:

Download the editable PDF template from the following link, personalise and print (instructions included on how to personalise).

Click here to download template

Step 2:

Trim each bunny to outline with scissors. This is the most time consuming part, I gave my son Riley his own bunny’s to cut out, even though they weren’t for the finished product, he enjoyed being part of the action.

Step 3:

Use a craft knife to cut two slits on each bunny, you can use the dashed line as a guide. Ensure you make the slits long enough to fit the ribbon through.

Step 4:

Thread ribbon or string through and hang. I used approximately 2m length of ribbon for my Bunny Bunting, my ribbon was 16mm width, you can use less or more in width it’s totally up to you. To hang, I used some blu-tack and a little double sided tape. You can also tie it up somewhere if you wish. If you are using double sided tape to hang, be careful of the wall surface!

Voilà! You now have a finished Easter Bunny Bunting to enjoy!

I would love to see your finished products or to hear how you went with this little ol' tutorial, share your pictures on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/missshinedesign or comment below ; )

Until next time and Happy Easter!


Tools Needed
Tools Needed
Step 1 - Personalise
Step 1 - Personalise
Step 2 - Trim
Step 2 - Trim
Step 3 - Cut Slits
Step 3 - Cut Slits
Step 4 - Assemble
Step 4 - Assemble
Voilà! - Happy Easter
Voilà! - Happy Easter

By guest, Feb 18 2014 02:05AM

Miss Shine Design has launched and I am excited to bring you lots of fun personalised party printables and wall art templates.

All designs have an editable text feature that allows you to type over the sample text with your own wording using Adobe Reader!

Simply download, personalise your editable PDF, print, trim and assemble, it's that easy!

I currently have themes for Kids Birthdays and Baby Showers, and am working on other delicious designs to add to my collection. Browse the shop to find something just right for you or request a custom design.

I look forward to working with you to create the perfect printables for your next celebration!

Andrea xx

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